Thursday, March 19, 2015


My eyes flicker open. Where am I? I sit up and let my eyes adjust to the their surroundings.

I appear to be on a table in a bright white room. A few feet in front of me is a door. Nothing else of note appears to be present in the room.

...How long was I asleep? My muscles feel weak, as though they haven't been used for a long time. My head feels light, as though it is not entirely ready to be set upright.

My last memory was of a beautiful forest. I had gone hunting. I'd swum in the stream.

...Where am I?

I will myself to stand. I take two steps and reach for the door. I open it wide to find darkness in my path. Darkness so void of light that the light of the room itself starts to fade, and begins to be sucked away into the dark expanse before me.

And now I see nothing. The light is gone.

A.R. Kwell

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